What Is Tuckpointing?

We’ll answer that question and more in our frequently asked questions.

+ What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing refers to the process of repairing mortar joints in stone or brick masonry walls by grinding or raking out the old mortar to a certain depth and then filling it in with new mortar.  

+When do I need tuckpointing?

If you find that anything is cracking or crumbling it could indicate that it’s time for tuckpointing. Another warning sign is if you see any holes in the mortar.

+How long does tuckpointing last?

Tuckpointing is only needed every 25-30 years or so depending on where you live. In climates that have heavy rainfall and high levels of humidity, you will have to tuckpoint more frequently. Regular maintenance and inspections are also a great way to prolong the health of your building’s material.

+Why is tuckpointing important?

If a mortar joint is in a weakened condition, it causes moisture to break down the stone or brick masonry and possibly causes moisture issues behind it. When done properly, tuckpointing provides a waterproof mortar joint that extends the life of your wall.

+Does tuckpointing only improve the appearance of my home or building?

No! Tuckpointing enhances the appearance of buildings, but it also helps maintain structural integrity. Tuckpointing takes care of worsening materials while also preventing further deterioration.