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Masonry Waterproofing Contractor

Moisture intrusion and accumulation are two of the biggest threats to property owners. The number one cause of moisture intrusion is the excessive porosity of the building materials on the external walls. Moisture that penetrates brick and masonry can lead to a number of problems ranging from mold growth to weakened structural integrity. When water is able to penetrate your brick,it means you need help from an experienced masonry waterproofing contractor in Des Moines, IA. At Iowa Tuckpointing, we provide quality and robust masonry waterproofing service to seal the external walls of your Iowa property and improve its insulation.

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Why Your Property Needs Masonry Waterproofing

Properties located in areas where there is heavy rainfall are highly susceptible to dampness. When your property’s masonry is wet, it becomes cold and humid inside. Over time, the walls of your property are likely to become porous. Without proper masonry waterproofing, you are prone to experience damp penetration and a rise in your energy bills. The construction method and extent of exposure to climatic conditions directly impact the amount of heat lost. On average, 35% to 40% of heat loss in any property occurs via exterior walls.

Benefits of Choosing a Trusted Masonry Waterproofing Contractor in Iowa

It is possible to prevent moisture penetration and heat loss through professional masonry waterproofing. The technique bonds masonry structures together and creates a shield that prevents its peeling, fading, or flaking as paint does.

Our advanced masonry waterproofing is resistant to water, oils, UV rays, and acids. Moreover, it improves the aesthetics of your property. We use eco-friendly and the latest chemical sealers that ensure structural resilience and durability while preserving the beauty of your property. These sealers provide invisible protection to your property, creating a barrier that repels water damage and stains.

brick sealer for masonry waterproofing services

With masonry waterproofing, we also fill crevices and cracks as slim as a credit card. This helps in reducing the costs of your property’s regular maintenance and care. Other advantages of our waterproofing application include the following:

  • Limits the growth of mold and mildew
  • Protects against salt de-icing attack
  • Reduces spalling
  • Prevents efflorescence

Why Take Our Masonry Waterproofing Service

Use of Latest Waterproofing Techniques and Products

At Iowa Tuckpointing, we keep updated with the latest waterproofing techniques and products. We train our team from time to time to use advanced waterproofing methods and provide you with cutting-edge services.

High Quality and Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

As a leading waterproofing service provider in the area, we provide high-quality service with a complete satisfaction guarantee. We ensure meeting the highest standards by using the right product according to your property’s specific requirements.

Trained and Experienced Team

We are proud of our trained and experienced team who has industry knowledge and experience working on a large number of waterproofing projects.

Affordable Prices

Our team inspects your property and gives you a budget-friendly quote for our service so you can easily afford to maintain your residence without worry.

Penetrating Sealer Bonding

Instead of surface sealers, we use penetrating sealer bonds that penetrate deep into the pores and substrates. This means that even high-traffic areas of your property don’t lose protection, shine, and natural texture due to excessive use.

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Our Service Area

Iowa Tuckpointing is one of the leading masonry waterproofing contractors in Iowa, and we don’t take that honor lightly. We go out of our way to ensure that all of our customers get the high-quality service they deserve, no matter where they are. The team at Iowa Tuckpointing serves a large portion of central Iowa, far beyond the Des Moines, IA metro area. Some of the cities we serve include:

For a better idea of our full service area, check out our service area page. Then give us a call or fill out our convenient online form and schedule the masonry waterproofing services you need today.