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Your chimney stands above your property’s roofline, which makes it highly vulnerable to various elements. If you leave it unattended for an extended period, the small cracks or pores in the chimney can become serious issues. These seemingly small cracks can, over time, cause further damage to your property, including a rusted damper, cracked flue crown, and water-stained walls. If you’re dealing with any of this damage, reach out to the experts in masonry chimney repair in Des Moines, IA, Iowa Tuckpointing. We serve Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas, offering comprehensive masonry service.

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We have a team of certified and experienced chimney experts who evaluate your chimney’s condition and the extent of damage due to the freeze and thaw cycle. Before we do any work, we’ll complete a detailed inspection to identify problem areas and the scope of the damage. With your inspection results, our team will provide you with an honest and accurate cost estimate so there’s no guessing involved. Our team of skilled experts has the experience, knowledge, and resources you can trust for superior chimney repair services.

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Increase Home Value with Masonry Chimney Services

A residence with a well-maintained walkway, patio, and chimney has significant curb appeal and home value. If your exterior is brickwork, Iowa Tuckpointing can help you maintain your property with our comprehensive masonry service and tuckpointing solutions. From Des Moines to Cedar Falls, we help home and business owners protect their property’s strength, beauty, and value.

One of the best ways to prevent brick deterioration is waterproofing. As an experienced masonry waterproofing contractor in Iowa, we offer quality solutions to protect your exterior. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that restores the beauty and value of your property’s masonry.

When you need comprehensive chimney repair services for your home, you need the team at Iowa Tuckpointing. We’ll ensure your home’s value is maintained and increased with the high-quality repair services you deserve. We work with customers who have varying budgets and are proud to provide affordable masonry service. We even offer a number of financing options, making it easier to get the services you need.

Brick Chimney Repair Services

When it comes to brick chimney repair, it’s important to address any issues before they get worse! The experts at Iowa Tuckpointing are here to help. What brick chimney repair services do we offer? We can help you with a number of chimney issues, including:

Iowa Tuckpointing provides expert, affordable brick chimney repair services throughout Des Moines and across a wide area of Central Iowa. Check out our Service Area page to see if you’re in our service area, and get the service you need at a rate that works for your budget!

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