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Tuckpointing is a type of masonry repair that involves replacing damaged mortar between bricks. We will take out the old, cracked mortar and replace it with new mortar that ensures your brick is structurally sound.

Brick Repair

Brick / Block Repair

There are a number of reasons your brick may need repair. Exposure to the elements does a number on brick. So does foot traffic, water infiltration, and a wide variety of other factors.

Power Washing

Power Washing

Power Washing is not just for looks, it’s also a preventative maintenance practice that can help avoid costly repairs. The amount of pressure needed depends on what is needing to come off and how hard it is for the required things to come off.



Waterproofing masonry structures bond to create a shield so it doesn’t fade, peel or flake like paint. Waterproofing fills the crevasses of cracks the width of a credit card, while still providing a shield. This helps reduce ongoing care and maintenance.


There is a reason why the caulking needs to be checked in various areas around a house or building, to make certain that it remains in good condition. Caulking provides several benefits that you may not notice unless the caulking job isn’t done properly, or if the caulk is somehow removed. In either case, you’ll eventually notice problems.

Caulking around certain joints creates a seal that prevents water that flows down from gutters and roofs seeping into cracks and crevices. If allowed in, this water can cause damage that’s costly to repair. The caulking prevents water from entering the building, where it can cause damage not only to the exterior but also to the interior.

Caulking provides a seal against small insects that would otherwise have open routes to enter a house or building. Also, without caulking, insects have access to more hiding places once they enter a structure. In addition to creating a more professional-looking appearance around surfaces and materials, caulking also prolongs the lives of those surfaces. Because it protects against outside elements and thwarts inside water damage, caulking also helps protect against erosion.