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Tuckpointing Services in Ottumwa, IA

For more than a decade, when customers across Ottumwa, IA have needed high-quality tuckpointing services, they’ve turned to the professionals at Iowa Tuckpointing. We’re your one-stop shop for all your tuckpointing and masonry needs. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and we back that with high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques.

Whether you have a sidewalk that needs repaired or have a chimney that’s succumbed to water damage, we can help! Call us today to get a free estimate on all your masonry repair needs. We have a number of financing options available to make your repairs affordable.

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Top of the Line Tuckpointing Services in Ottumwa, IA

Few materials have a combination of beauty and durability that matches brick. That durability won’t last forever, though! When you find that your brick façade or chimney has seen better days, turn to Iowa Tuckpointing. Rather than tearing out your brick and starting over, we can repair the damage and save your brick — and your wallet! Our skilled team of technicians can restore your brick by removing and replacing damaged mortar to extend the life of your masonry.

How do you know when you need tuckpointing services? If you’ve noticed your brick is crumbling or has become discolored, or that the mortar holding everything together has deteriorated, it’s time to call for your free quote.

Prevent Water Damage with Waterproofing Services

If you live in Ottumwa, or anywhere in the Central IA area, you know how serious water damage can be. It usually starts out small, but quickly develops into a serious — and costly — problem. Stop water damage before it starts with the high-quality waterproofing services available from Iowa Tuckpointing. We’ll help you protect the beauty and value of your home, and keep your family safe from the harmful effects water damage can bring.

Iowa Tuckpointing can provide high-quality, affordable waterproofing services for any brick structure your home or property has. Waterproofing comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing the cost of property maintenance
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Limits excess moisture and heat loss
  • And more!

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Power washing brick entry

Increase Your Home’s Value with Power Washing Service

Don’t let your home become the eyesore on the block! If any part of your home’s exterior has stubborn, stuck-on grime that just won’t come off, turn to the power washing services of Iowa Tuckpointing. When the job is just too tough, you can count on our professional team of experts and state-of-the-art equipment to handle anything! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day while we restore your home’s beauty and boost its curb appeal!

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brick repair

Affordable Brick Repair in Ottumwa, IA

Brick repair is a complicated process. Trust the experts at Iowa Tuckpointing to get the job done right the first time. Our team of technicians has more than 10 years of experience and uses industry-leading products and techniques to bring life back to your brick structures. We offer thorough inspections of your structures and will consult with you to come up with a plan of action that fits both your needs and budget.

Get an in-home inspection and a free estimate today when you call to speak with a member of our service team. Don’t delay, call today!

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